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Raymond Customer Testimonals

Kudos for our service technicians

Good afternoon.  I’m writing to you to commend the service of our local technician, Braden. This gentleman continuously provides excellent service to us whenever we need it.  He comes in with a great attitude, is thorough in his explanations to us and ensures a timely solution to our issues. He is exactly the kind of person that makes the partnership between our companies great, and I believe he deserves recognition for his efforts.  I have been in this general business for a long time and I can honestly say that he is the best service tech I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  All of our local technicians are outstanding, but Braden is the one we work with the most.

Tim Chidester Inventory Control Manager, CDTI June 8, 2018


Welcome back!

As a former Raymond Service Department employee, I understand and appreciate your Customer Care Philosophy. This Philosophy is why I wanted to take a moment to mention some outstanding workmanship from a couple of your employees.  It isn’t very often that the hard working employees hear that they are appreciated. As you know California Supply North had canceled the Raymond PM program and turned to Big Joe for all repairs and PMs.  At 4:30 PM on January 13th I was asked if I could contact “my friends” at RHCC to quote an extensive brake repair on an EZ Reach.
Between emails to Lance, Joe and Dave Blau and cell phone calls it was determined that Dave Chubbuck would be at our warehouse first thing in the AM.  He was here shortly after 7AM.  He quoted the job for less than Big Joe and had the repairs done within a couple of hours.  Yeah, Dave!!!  Great Job. Then yesterday I overheard our warehouse manager, David, telling Edward he liked the job he had done on the first truck PM.   I took the opportunity say “Hello” to Edward and watched him clean ½” thick grease and grime off the drive motor. It was so bad that you couldn’t see the bolts.  After he was finished our truck shined like the top of the Chrysler Building – just a little humor.
All kidding aside – really did a fabulous job on our very old trucks and it was and is appreciated.  The fact that he went above and beyond what truly was necessary was noticed. I thank you all for making my efforts to regain Raymond as our truck company an effort well received.  Welcome Back.

Annelie Becker Buyer, California Supply North Inc. April 25, 2017

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Supportive and Professional

We love the support and professionalism that we get from your company. I don’t find the time nearly enough to send out heartfelt thank you notes but I needed you to let the proper people know how happy we are here with Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation. And especially Brian… I recently had all the mechanics doing shop cleaning and Brian came in with a big box of Voodoo doughnuts, Brian even went out of his way to deliver them to the other shop where the guys were working. The box of doughnuts was just the reminder that triggered my memory….. It’s not the reason Brian needs recognition. Brian is a no-nonsense highly effective and respected parts guy and I would appreciate it if you would pass the accolades on to his boss.  Thanks for your help.

Andy Barney Safeway April 25, 2017

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Raymond Handling has been exceptional in getting Pacific Foods what it has needed to operate efficiently. The time and effort that Raymond, and especially Luis, put into the transition of forklift providers made the switch simple and easy. The team at Raymond has been stellar at communicating issues and repairing lifts in addition to providing support and recommendations. 


Eric Mueller MRO Buyer, Pacific Foods April 25, 2017

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Outstanding Job

 I wanted to take the time to express our gratitude for Ed’s support in his role and timeliness.  I have dealt with several lift companies and service people in my 19 years within Operations and Ed would rank among the very top of that entire list.  He also does an outstanding job with the customer relationship which has always been very important to me.  As we build our business and thus our fleet it individuals such as Ed that will keep Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation in my forethoughts.  Thank you for the service!

Eric Swanson Director of Operations, Dawson Logistics April 25, 2017

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Excellent Customer Service

I have been a Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation Forklift customer over the last 23 years. Here in Santa Rosa, CAI changed my forklifts to Raymond forklifts at my current employer and also during my tenure at Ritz Food Service in Santa Rosa. 
Along with your great forklifts, I am very happy to have Ken as our service tech. Ken does an excellent job with his customer service skills and keeping our equipment running to do our jobs. He explains all his repairs and work in detail. Please commend Ken Melani in his excellent customer care.

Cesar Castellanos Warehouse Manager, Filtration Group LLC. April 25, 2017


Dedicated Service

Hello, I am the manager at Napa Distribution Center in Anchorage, Alaska. I want anyone and everyone at Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation to know how dedicated Rob has been to our company. I have called Rob many times when a lift has blown a hydraulic hose or other problems. Although I’m a little frantic, Rob has always been calm, honest, and says he understands how important my equipment is to our operation. 99.9% of the time, Rob will make it over to fix the problem that day! Just this week, Rob, while on vacation, sold me an electric pallet jack. Of course, I needed it yesterday, so I was calling the office and emailing Rob wanting to know if and when I will get this jack. Well, I called today, and the lady told me that Rob was prepping it for delivery. I asked the lady if Rob was still on vacation, she said yes. I told her that I felt bad that he was prepping my jack on his vacation!! I told her it could wait. After this, I thought about ALL the times Rob has helped my operation when we were dead in the water! And he acts like it not a big deal each time he answers our ”emergency alarm“. His service, dedication, honesty, and loyalty to me and my organization is impeccable!! Rob is truly a HUGE asset in your Alaska market.

Ricardo McIntosh Manager, NAPA Distribution April 25, 2017

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Can’t Thank you enough

My name is Rod, I run a shuttle from Tacoma, Wa. to Tualatin, Or. On 5/14 my 102 walk-behind broke down with the first pallet that I moved from my trailer to a box truck, it broke down in the middle of the truck and would not move; I was in trouble. Frozen foods, warm day and the jack and pallet stuck in a truck that had to go out in the morning. I could not get it to reset and called my contact in Renton Wa. (Kelly), she gave me the number to the Portland service center, I had first talked to Annette and after explaining my problem she connected me to Jesse who walked me through many steps to get it moving. He explained everything plainly so that I knew what he was talking about. We had finally decided to call a tech who was in the area. When Bill arrived he got right to work and after some time we were able to move the jack off of the truck so that It could be loaded (I was so grateful because things just became uncomplicated). He didn’t stop there he kept working on it until he found the problem and fixed it about the time I was done with the loading. Bill was professional and very courteous and I can’t thank him and the rest of the Raymond team, from Kelly to Annette, Renee, Jesse and especially Bill. THANK YOU!

Rod Bassi Short Haul Driver April 25, 2017

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Breath of Fresh Air

It’s a “breath of fresh air” to work with a company that is so professional, accommodating, thorough & courteous.  We are very happy we made the change to Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation.

Elizabeth Schulz Maintenance Coordinator, Sherwin-Williams April 25, 2017

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A Great Change!

My name is Frank Lemon, and I am the maintenance coordinator for Sherwin Williams in Fernley, NV.  We switched to Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation last year for our forklift services and repairs and couldn’t be happier.  We rely heavily on our forklifts and if one goes down it affects the whole flow of production. Mike, Curtis,and now Chris have all been great at keeping our equipment up and running.  Anytime I contact them for an issue, I get an immediate response and they are usually here the same day to evaluate the situation.  Their knowledge of the equipment and attention to detail when doing the monthly services has reduced our lift downtime and keeps our productivity up.   We have been so busy here, we now have four rental lifts supplied by Raymond Handling and I believe two more coming soon. They have all been professional, positive,  courteous, and follow all of our site safety precautions when they are here.   

Hopefully this has made it to the right person,  if not would you please forward it to the correct person.  I just wanted to send a note to express how happy we are with your service and the technicians that come out here.  Thanks again for the great service.

Frank Lemon Maintenance Coordinator, Sherwin-Williams April 25, 2017

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A Great Team!

I wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased we are with the service we receive from Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation as a whole and Bryce in particular.

My experience has been so positive with the level of service we receive from Bryce (and any others who fill-in) that my preference is to use Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation to repair our Crown equipment also. For me, the responsive and thorough service is one thing; but to have the billing process flow smoothly is very important to me.

I’d also like to mention that the team that handles all of our rental needs is also very helpful and easy to work with.

You have a great team there and us here at Verifone are very appreciative.


Wayne Conwell Warehouse Manager, Verifone October 6, 2016

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Best Driver Ever!

You have hired an epic employee.  I witnessed his awesomeness just a mere hour ago while stuck on the non-moving Alaskan Way Viaduct (Seattle).  Your driver went out of his way to assist his neighbor in the next lane.  She had left a phone on top of her car and as we were not moving, everyone was attempting to tell her.  Your driver deftly swooped out, grabbed her phone, and tossed it in her passenger window while managing to not leave his vehicle.  He was back inside within milliseconds and likely didn’t hear the applause from all of us behind him.
This guy is the best possible advertising you can have. I have honestly never heard of your company but if I ever require any of your services, I’m definitely coming to you first and advising my friends to do the same.  You obviously hire quality, helpful, friendly people who are willing to go the extra mile.  They are also swift and incredibly smart; at no time was your company vehicle or the contents in any sort of jeopardy.  
Please high-five all of your drivers today.
Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.

Gina Boniovi Seattle Viaduct Commuter September 29, 2016

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An Honest Business

Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of working with Bryce Johnson on countless maintenance calls here at our Lincoln, CA Verifone facility.

Bryce has been nothing short of professional , he has conducted business with us in an honest upfront fashion that now days seems to be lost with most larger companies and is more of an old time tale told around the campfire by the industry old timers.

 More times than I can remember Bryce has responded to an urgent call to repair a broken lift so we can continue meeting our business goals.

Bryce will go out of his way to ensure your forklift needs are met and that you have the knowledge on a diagnostic to make a sound business decision for the repair.

 We hope Bryce has a solid future with Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation

Chris Hatfield Shipping Supervisor, Verifone September 29, 2016

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“Top-Notch” Company

Please allow me this opportunity to introduce myself to you; I am Kenneth D. Holder, MHE Operator/Warehouse Manager for Travis AFB Commissary. Foundationally I am a 42-year operator of equipment, 35 years as a Master Operator and Certified OSHA/DeCA Trainer.

Throughout my years I have been attuned to recognizing subpar performance and keenly aware of “top quality” attention to detail service as well. I have multiple years’ experience with Raymond equipment, dating back to the 1970s and 1980s operating the Raymond 31s and digital Raymond 85s for the Fleming Foods Corporation, to which I was the Forklift Foreman.

It is with this foundational information that I report to you that in my opinion, Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation is still a “top-notch” company of experienced technicians with the customer’s best interest, safety, and security at heart, and I assure you that I have seen many that I wouldn’t let work on my lawn mower much less my MHE. I am pleased to share with you that 2 of your technicians are top tier in my books regarding the care and attention to detail that they project with performing their work on my equipment. They are Lance and Kevin. I apologize I do not know their last names but it can be verified through records of preventive maintenance service done at the Travis AFB Commissary.

In closing, there are too many instances upper management only receives calls from individuals complaining and feeling they have been “Ripped Off”; I on the other have given credit where credit is due. During my Q.A.S.P., quality assurance surveillance plan, I asked for and requested Raymond Handling Concepts because of technicians like Lance and Kevin. They are true ambassadors exhibiting professionalism, attention to detail, and skill-sets by which all others should be judged.


Kenneth D. Holder MHE Operator, Travis AFB September 29, 2016