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Polaris Gem Electric Vehicle Line-Up


The roomy E6 shuttles up to six people with enhanced suspension for the smoothest possible ride. Show guests or visitors around and shuttle workings with its spacious cabin boasting 43 inches of leg room. With 3 battery/range options, as well as 3 different charging options, there is no operation too range-intensive for the class-leading GEM E6.


Compact and maneuverable, the versatile E4 carries four people in spacious comfort—with 43 inches of leg room for an exceptional ride. It is a versatile solution for tours and recreation. Now boasting industry-best automotive-style hard doors, the GEM E4 is the right solution in any weather. The GEM E4: The ideal solution for your people-moving operations.


The practical people-mover for everyday use. It offers the smallest footprint and most agile performance, including a tight turning radius for limited spaces. Drive it indoors or outdoors with ease, with range up to 90 miles per charge with 5 different battery options. Fully configurable and customizable, the GEM E2 will meet all of your transportation needs.


With its sturdy build, generous ground clearance, and over 1,400 lb payload, the GEM eL XD is your workhorse. It is built for frequent stops and fast, easy entry and exit, and boasts a generous 70” x 48” flat bed. Pick carrier and bed options to fit your unique job demands, including the industry’s first recessed truck bed and ramped tailgate. The GEM eL XD is perfect for your hauling, maintenance, and specialized utility operations.


A rugged design and street-legal safety features make the eM-1400 LSV a versatile vehicle that can get the job done—on road or off. It features a 1,250 lbs payload capacity coupled with a sturdy 42” x 51” flatbed. Battery options with ranges up to 40 miles per charge, coupled with smooth AC power means you can work hard all day without compromise. With loads of accessories available through Polaris’ Lock & Ride accessory program, equip your GEM eM-1400 LSV with everything you need to get the job done quick and efficiently.


Industry-leading commercial utility vehicles built to withstand the tough duty cycles and usage on the worksite. This work vehicle delivers on safety, durability and serviceability.


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