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Warehouse & Material Handling

We design, engineer and implement material handling solutions that automate storage and order picking systems in your warehouse.

warehouse design
Raymond Handling Concepts specializes in turnkey solutions for material handling operations. We work with our customers to maximize existing warehouse design or assist with finding and designing new warehouse space – from site selection to concept and implementation. We can also provide layout alternatives using CAD to determine the best possible warehouse design for your material handling needs. Raymond Handling Concepts has more than 20 years experience in warehouse design for material handling customers.

Designing Warehouse Storage, Automation and Order Picking Systems

From smaller material handling facilities to distribution warehouses as large as 700,000 square feet, we’ve helped companies in a variety of industries to maximize productivity. We analyze your current warehouse design or can design warehouses from the ground up – assessing key factors like:

Warehouse Design That Scales to Your Needs

After more than 20 years of partnering with customers in grocery, retail, pharmaceutical, cold storage and distribution, we understand these businesses must also plan for potential material handling needs in the future. Raymond Handling Concepts designs material handling systems that enable scalability and add profitable gains in warehouse space, speed, efficiency and safety.
As needed, we provide ongoing analyses that will easily help you manage any material handling requirements. Ultimately, we deliver a cost effective distribution center and material handling operation that will help you manage excess inventory, reduce cluttered aisles and minimize lost or damaged product. Greater efficiency begins with a warehouse designed to keep material flowing smoothly through your facility.
Our warehouse designs meet current OSHA and National Electric Code standards. We hold contractor’s licenses in the States where we have facilities and can process installation and building permits for warehouse design; prepay necessary building department fees; and provide all the necessary drawings and structural calculations for your material handling warehouse design. We include seismic calculations and consider proximity to earthquake faults when designing warehouses for specific areas of the Northwest.