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Fleet Management Solutions

With our revolutionary suite of forklift fleet solutions, you can take immediate control of your forklifts and reduce overall material handling costs.


When it comes to optimizing and managing your forklift fleet, the more information you have the better. And the better the information, the more effectively and efficiently you can improve your material handling environment. Therefore, with optional forklift fleet solutions, you can reduce unnecessary capital expenditures.

From right-sizing your forklift fleet to analyzing costs per hour, to immediately identifying impacts, increasing forklift uptime and controlling operator usage parameters and more —our solutions acquire thousands of data points and quickly turn them into precise, easy to understand and actionable knowledge. This enables you to drive operator and forklift productivity levels to new heights — no matter what size your material handling facility or how many forklifts you have.

Forklift Fleet Optimization Technology

By utilizing the industry’s most comprehensive and customizable suite of forklift fleet solutions available — including iWAREHOUSE® from Raymond, the only forklift fleet optimization technology that enables you to reduce material handling costs by up to 25%— you will know more about your forklifts, operators, forklift parts usage, operator checklist reporting, maintenance and forklift service trends than you ever thought possible.

Additionally, we can provide these services to assess your forklift fleet productivity: