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Used Electric Lift Trucks

Used electric forklifts from Raymond

Everything you expect from a Raymond forklift. Including a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

used forklifts at Raymond Handling Concepts are called Raymond Renewed

When you need a top-performing used electric forklift, Raymond Handling Concepts – a leader in pre-owned narrow aisle forklift sales in Northern California, Northern Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Western Montana and Alaska – is proud to offer its customers the highly engineered, energy efficient line of Raymond ReNewed Certified Pre-Owned lift truck. We provide a wide selection of electric forklift models and options to suit your specific material handling needs and all forklifts are backed by Raymond Handling Concepts to ensure they perform at high levels, shift after shift.

Forklifts Reconditioned to OEM Standards

Reconditioned to Raymond’s exacting specifications with Raymond OEM forklift parts, every forklift is supported by Raymond Handling Concept’s teams of certified forklift technicians and service professionals and comes standard with:

Ultimate Used Forklift Quality Assurance

The last thing you want is a lift truck that doesn’t perform to expectations. And the last thing we want is for you to be dissatisfied. Which is why every Raymond ReNewed forklift goes through a rigorous and proven quality assurance process you can trust, time and again. And that’s the Ultimate Performance Guarantee.


Raymond RENEWED Assurance Buy-Back Guarantee

Used lift trucks levels | Raymond ReNewed

The industry calls them used forklifts, but we called them Raymond RENEWED Pre-Owned forklifts. That’s because our used forklifts are exceptionally engineered, energy efficient and provide a quality lift truck at price that matches your budget. We meticulously select and service Raymond forklifts for our Raymond RENEWED program. We take pride in providing exceptional value and in the fact that Raymond RENEWED lift trucks look and perform just like new.

Our pre-owned forklift programbbin体育 provides easy access to thousands of Raymond and other manufacturers’ lift trucks. Our Customer Support Team is focused on providing what you need at very economical price points. We take pride in providing exceptional value and in the fact that our lift trucks perform as expected. And our goal is to make acquiring renewed lift trucks as simple as picking up your phone and contacting our Pre-Owned Equipment Department…then selecting what you need from our large selection of renewed models, brands and options.

To learn more contact us directly, we have locations all over the Pacific Northwest including Washington and Oregon, from California to Alaska and as far east as Western Montana and Northern Nevada.