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Power Solutions

Raymond Handling Concepts provides a complete line of forklift batteries and chargers, forklift battery handling systems and the latest innovation in material handling – hydrogen fuel cell technology.

forklift batteries, chargers & power solutions

Using electric forklifts in your material handling operations offers distinct advantages over any form of internal combustion (IC) forklifts. These advantages – in addition to the environmental benefits – include:

Save Money with Electric Forklifts

A consultant specializing in the economic control of material handling equipment has determined that there is a $0.99 per hour average savings in the operating costs of electric forklifts vs. IC forklift units.

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As a key partner in the Raymond network, we are also at the forefront of fuel cell technology for forklifts. We offer our customers the information and analysis they need to more fully understand the range of opportunities fuel cells offer their material handling businesses. When it comes to creating new solutions to improve material handling productivity and throughput, more companies choose Raymond Handling Concepts.