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Forklifts and materials handling for Spokane Washington

Spokane, Washington branch office

We provide products and services relating to forklifts and materials handling for Spokane Washington and we serve all of Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon.

 2324 E. Euclid Avenue, Suite 208, Spokane, Washington 99207-5795
Toll Free: 1-888-820-8811
Phone: 1-509-728-6000


Forklifts and materials handling for spokane washington - office map | raymond handling concepts corporation

Location of our branch office in Spokane, Washington

Areas served by our Spokane office:

Our office serves many of the warehouse and storage operations in and around the Eastern Washington area. It includes operations that serve West of the Cascade Mountains which features the Spokane International Airport and the Fairchild Air Force Base.

Our Spokane office is your local resource for forklift sales and materials handling products and services.

This office serve can you if you have business or warehouse operations located in:

  • Spokane, WA
  • Coeur d Alene ID
  • Pullman, WA
  • Lewiston, ID
  • Moses Lake, WA
  • Tri Cities, WA
  • Othello, WA
  • Walla Walla, WA
  • Quincy, WA
  • Coulee City, WA
  • Wenatchee, WA
  • Chelan, WA
  • Colville, WA
  • Oroville, WA

Spokane office customer profile:

We serve customers in eastern Washington and eastern Oregon, who are largely involved in agriculture, mining and forestry. Spokane is an important rail and shipping center because of its location between mining and farming areas. In the early 1880s, gold and silver were discovered in the Inland Empire, as it is called. Spokane became a regional shipping center, furnishing supplies to miners headed to the mineral-rich areas of Coeur d’Alene, Colville and Kootenai districts. Mining is still among the most productive in the United States, and even North America. Natural resources have also historically been the foundation of the economy in the region. Mining, logging, and agriculture industries provide much of the area’s economic activity and these are our customer base in the area.

Materials handling products and services offered by our Spokane office:

From this location we provide the following forklift and material handling products and services:

Branch offices in Washington:

Besides the Spokane office, Raymond Handling Concepts has one more branch office in:

Branch offices in the Pacific Northwest:

Outside Washington, Raymond Handling Concepts operates the following branch offices: