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Warehouse Genius FAQs

Warehouse FAQs

As part of our Warehouse Genius FAQs, we have an ongoing compilation of those questions posed by you, our customers. We cover questions ranging from the following main topics: Training Questions, Maximizing Warehouse Space, Allied Sales FAQs, and Forklift and Sales FAQs. Raymond Handling Concepts answers these questions! Please peruse our Warehouse Genius FAQs. Not seeing the answer to your FAQ, click here to contact us and we will find an answer!

Training Questions

  1. Can a body belt be considered appropriate as part of a fall protection system?
  2. We’ve just transitioned to Order Pickers for picking/receiving. Are there any guidelines for driving an Order Picker with an extended platform in reverse?
  3. We have an order picker and a platform with caged railings on the three sides not facing the order picker. We use this during inventory with one person in the cage and one person operating the order picker. My question is does the person in the platform need to be wearing a safety harness or is the railing sufficient? Also, because the driver has railing all around him, does he still need a safety harness as well? Thanks
  4. My company recently entered leases for Raymond lifts through a 3PL. Previously, we have used work platforms (cages) to do inventory. Is this is acceptable for models 4250 and 7500? If so, are there any requirements that should be taken into consideration from OSHA?
  5. Is there a height or weight limit for the driver of a stock picker?
  6. Is a full body harness with a shock absorbing lanyard required when using a Raymond Model SA-CSR 30 T lift?
  7. Can you still wear a belt on an order picker or must you wear a harness?
  8. What are the OSHA regulations regarding passengers on orderpickers?
  9. What is the required fall protection for orderpicker type powered industrial trucks? I have seen a broad mix of body belts and full-body harnesses. What regulations does Raymond follow?
  10. Our Raymond lift trucks and wire guidance system are about 7-8 years old. We’ve recently started experiencing difficulties with both our orderpickers and turret trucks, which sometimes lose connection with the wire guidance. Sometimes, these issues result in accidents. What is the shelf life on a wire guidance system? Why would this be happening, and what can we do about it?
  11. Does Raymond certify operators to use Raymond equipment?
  12. If an orderpicker operator is wearing a five-point harness, can he or she step off the platform onto pallet rack decking raised up 15 feet?
  13. When do the hours on a forklift meter roll over?
  14. Does OSHA allow more than one person on a moving stock picker at a time?
  15. What is the necessary fall protection and personal fall arrest system for orderpickers?
  16. Is there an OSHA powered industrial equipment regulation (or LOI) applicable to the operation of a reach truck/order picker to be driven with forks trailing (empty or loaded)?

Maximize Warehouse Space

  1. Our pallets are 40x48x60 and weight 2,000 pounds. We will use 4,000 pound capacity sit down counter balance truck. We prefer to have drive in racks, 4 deep and 4 high. What is the estimated square footage need for our warehouse? What is the estimated square footage needed if we add a staging area for 78 doubled stacked pallets?
  2. Is there a table with average honey comb values for the different combinations of warehousing segments (grocery, construction materials, appliances, and so on) with different racking systems (selective racking, double deep racking, drive in, and drive through)? A set of guidelines with approximate values would be helpful.
  3. How can we maximize the capacity of our warehouse?
  4. How should a warehouse be designed to be considered a modern warehouse?
  5. Which double deep reach truck is suitable for cold storage applications?
  6. How do you optimize warehouse storage based on depth and width?
  7. Our warehouse is 13.8X35X6 meters. Based on that measurement, how do we determine the maximum number of pallet positions?
  8. I would like to determine how many pallets can be stored in a 35,000-square-foot warehouse.
  9. What is the maximum percentage of storage space that can and should be utilized in a warehouse? Should we keep receiving inbound freight until all storage locations are used? What is the industry standard? For example, should we only receive 15 percent freight per day in relation to storage capacity?
  10. What is the best way to select the optimal warehouse design? What things influence the technically correct warehouse design?
  11. We have used all of our warehouse storage space. What are the best ways to create space in the existing warehouse?
  12. Our company warehouse has fabric racks exceeding 5-feet- 9-inches. The city of South San Francisco requires a permit to legally house them. In order to obtain this permit, we must have our racks bolted down. Does Raymond Handling Concepts offer this service, and if so what is the pricing?
  13. I have been asked to plan ahead for a production line expansion. In doing so, one option is to reduce the square footage currently used by our maintenance staff, or to reduce the square footage used by the workshop and parts storeroom.
  14. We are in the process of designing a dairy processing building with an ice cream storage freezer. We also have an existing building with low floor-to-floor heights (about 15 feet). Due to the low structure and the need for mechanical above, the current plan is to have a 10-foot ceiling in the freezer. The overall freezer size is approximately 21X76 feet, with an entrance on one side, and an exit on the other. To maximize the number of pallets, we have one aisle with pallets stacked two-high on either side using some sort of racking system and fork truck. Our pallets are 48.56 inches. I am looking for some suggestions for the racking and the fork truck that would meet our space requirements.
  15. I have the inbound and outbound volume for our warehouse. Using this info, is there a way to calculate how many pallet positions we need for the warehouse?
  16. We are going to set up a new warehouse in Orange County, California and have a question regarding racking materials. What racking materials and dimension (length, width, thickness, footplate) should we use?
  17. We need an elevator to lift pallets with a Raymond lift truck to an upstairs platform. We would like to be able to drop off a pallet and have it automatically lifted so that the driver can move on to picking up the next pallet. Do you have any suggestions?
  18. I’m interested in maximizing storage while allowing space for an order picker to move within the aisle.

Allied Sales FAQ

  1. We recently received our city inspection and were informed that our racking shelves need to be nailed into the ground by a professional contractor. I was wondering if you offered that service and if so can you provide an estimate?
  2. Does Raymond offer a cut sheet on a battery charger or charging station for a Raymond 9000 Swing Reach forklift? The dimensions of the charger would be most helpful in determining locations within a space
  3. Is there a push/pull forklift attachment for slipsheets that is detachable? Can it be used as a regular forklift when needed?
  4. Does Raymond make a raised pallet to hook up to an order picker?
  5. I am interested in purchasing a carton clamp attachment but am having trouble understanding how to create an ROI for it. Are there currently any calculators out there for this?
  6. What is the best way to remove 15-foot aluminum beams from a closed sea container? They are in bundles of 20, weighing 65 pounds each, for a total of 1,300 pounds per pallet.
  7. Our forklift battery charger, Model SCRFLX-18-750T1Z, is displaying the fault code: FLd, which indicates it is set to charge flooded batteries. How do I remove this setting? It will not charge our forklift battery.
  8. How do go about ensuring that our forklift attachments are compatible (and rated for) the forklifts we have on site?
  9. We want to evaluate the slipsheet Push pull accesory to eliminate wooden pallets. Can The Hyraulics circuit of the forklift used or has Push pull an independent/separate the hydraulic system? ie What are the requirements to connect a Pull system to a regular forklift?

Forklift and Sales FAQs

  1. What is the best narrow-aisle forklift to use in a narrow-aisle factory layout? Does Raymond have a 2500-3000 pound model?
  2. I have Raymond stand-up forklift model # R30-C30TT. It shows Error code 81 and it stops unexpectedly. What does this code mean?
  3. Where can I get a service manual?
  4. On a 740-R33TT, what does CODE-3 error code mean?
  5. What is the battery life of a Crown electric forklift?
  6. I assumed responsibilities for our forklift fleet, which has evolved as the company grew. I think it is not optimally sized. I would like to approach fleet sizing scientifically and logically. Can you recommend a model or structure to fleet sizing.
  7. We have a Raymond 9600 swing reach turret truck. We want to determine the minimum amount of space required for the truck to safely lift the pallet from the rack to remove an item from the shelf. For example, say we have 26 inches from beam to beam. How much empty space should be available to safely lift the pallet to remove it from the shelf? We are looking for a standard clearance in inches.
  8. What is the maximum height to which I can lift with a dock-to-stock and pick-to-ship full pallet operation? For example, the truck must be able to load/unload 1-high (if 2,000 lb./pallet) or 2-high (if 1,000lb./pallet) in a standard 53-foot trailer. I expect that we would use a quad mast counterbalance truck. Do you have suggestions?
  9. When my company buys new forklifts, how do we sell the old ones without giving them away? It seems nearly impossible to find a buyer and an auction seems risky.
  10. Is there any type of retro-fit part that covers or locks out the control switch on a Raymond pallet truck? Ours is kept in a semi-public area and we need to keep unauthorized people from starting it.
  11. Does Raymond have an agent in China?
  12. What is the narrowest aisle an order picker for wire guidance system that can be used in a racking system with top of storage at 20′
  13. We are attempting to right-size the number of units in the MHE fleet. Does Raymond have any literature out there on this topic?
  14. I would like to know how to calculate and understand the costs of my materials handling equipment?
  15. We are moving our merchandise from a fulfillment company into our own building. We will need to store about 1,000 SKUs, which turn about 3.5 times each year. An average order involves 12 SKUs and three picks per SKU. Order volume is about 10 per day. I am leaning towards an order picking configuration with limited pallet storage. Is there a vehicle that can handle order picking as well as some infrequent work in moving pallets to load a truck, unload a truck, and so on? I originally thought an order picker would be a good choice but it sounds like it can’t handle the regular pallet functions.
  16. We have a Raymond stand up counter balance at our warehouse. The beacon light on top of the forklift blocks the vehicle from being able to load our trucks. Do OSHA regulations require the use of the beacon light, or may we take it off and leave it off?

Fleet and Warehouse Management FAQs

  1. I have a Warehouse Management System. What can a Labor Management System get me that I can’t already get from that?
  2. I already have a Labor Management System, but I don’t use it. Why should I care about getting a new one?
  3. How do you measure Cost-to-Serve? Can you get cost to complete each process? Do you need to further break out costs even more granular that that?
  4. Do you have labor standards today? How were they developed? Do you think they’re up to date? Do your standards take in multiple variables?
  5. Do you have now, or have you ever considered incentive-based pay/pay-for-performance?
  6. Do you have employees who complete work in your facility but don’t necessarily scan within your WMS or ERP? Do you have people who change functions throughout the day? Are there areas in your facility that you have little to no visibility into time on task or productivity?
  7. I have varying systems, some may be developed in-house. Can your Labor Management System integrate these disparate data sets?
  8. How do I get savings out of a Labor Management System?
  9. How hard is a Labor Management System to implement?
  10. What do you need from us from an integration perspective? What data sets do you need?
  11. We are going to be changing systems in the future. If we implement a Labor Management System now, what does it look like when these new systems come on line?