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rhcc-historyBefore it was Raymond Corporation, it was the Lyon Iron Works, founded in 1840, as a manufacturer of agricultural equipment. As years went on, this company really took material handling to the next level. With the creativity and innovation of George Raymond, Sr. and William House, the pallet was designed and built. They were granted a patent for their invention in 1939. That same year they were also granted a patent for the lift truck to move those pallets.

But it didn’t stop there. In 1951, George Raymond Sr. and Christian D. Gibson had revolutionized material handling once again – with the first electric narrow aisle lift truck. It could work in an aisle less than 7 feet wide, something unheard of at the time.

At Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation we trace our roots back to Greene, New York in 1922, the year George Raymond, Sr. purchased a foundry and brought life into the Raymond Corporation. Since then, the Raymond brand of electric forklifts has dominated the world of material handling.

Steve Raymond, George Raymond, Sr.’s grandson, started Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation in 1987 after holding seven jobs in four years with Raymond Corporation. It has grown from its original location of Fremont, Calif., the seat of its corporate headquarters, to locations in: Washington, Oregon, Northern Nevada, Idaho, Western Montana and Alaska.